Residents in Brookville, IN say enough is enough. They've decided to fight a Wisconsin group that is demanding the removal of a nativity scene from the outside the county courthouse. Hundreds turned out over the weekend for a rally in support of the longtime tradition.

"This is our right, this is our season," said Pam Henson in an interview with Fox News. "These people who don't want to celebrate or don't want us to put these symbols of Christianity don't have a problem with taking paid holidays."

But the Freedom From Religion Foundation said the nativity scene is a violation of the separation of church and state.

"If this was on private property, fine," said Annie Gaylor, co-president of the organization. "This is in a government setting with a flag pole. It seems to be tying being a good American citizen with being a Christian."

The nativity is owned by the city of Brookville and is erected by the fire department.

County Commissioner Tom Wilson said they are willing to compromise by adding Santa Claus to make the display "more secular.

"We're not so closed minded to think that other people think differently or the Jewish people or anybody," Wilson said. "If they want to come set something up tasteful I have no problem with them doing that."

Hundreds of people have signed a petition asking lawmakers to keep the nativity.

"I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus," Hazel Graves told the Kentucky Post. She wants to know who complained.

"There's somebody here in town, and they should step forward if they're so brave, and want to take down our Nativity scene," she told the newspaper.