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The 15 year tradition of playing Christmas Carols from the Clock Tower at Southern Illinois University - temporarily silenced.

Did they do this voluntarily? That question asked off Attorney Rob Romano - by Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego.

"They did it voluntarily because of a third district court of appeals case in New Jersey  - which came out about a year ago - which said public institutions can't have religious music being played."

University officials received complaints about the music and decided to silence the tradition - until they were able to include a more secular and diverse selection of music.

Buzzing right along...

The Tax package - that some Democrats are stark raving mad at the President about... slated to hit a preliminary vote in the Senate - later today.

The package, festooned with sweeteners in an attempt to get more Democrats on board to vote for it.

Economics expert from the Manhattan Institute - Nicole Gelinas - speaking with Jamie Allman at KFTK in St. Louis, MO.

"The problem is - a lot of Democrats - they don't want to vote for this bill."

But what about the Republicans, Nicole?

"You'll have Republicans saying - why can't I have the same thing - you know -  my vote is worth something, too. And so you've got a bill that's already $858 Billion dollars more than last year's stimulus and it could very well get bigger."

Passage of the preliminary vote - is expected today - along with full passage of the tax bill in the Senate - sometime tomorrow.

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum spent some time this morning with Rich Jones at WOKV in Jacksonville, FL.

Rich Jones <WOKV>: "And as for the House - is that more of an uphill climb - or are the votes all there for it?"

Jeff Birnbaum: "It's more of an uphill climb - and it's hard to know how many democrats will defect. The best guess is that -especially after the senate passes the tax bill easily that the house will be able to pass it probably later this week. And maybe not as closely as people are now expecting."

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