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House Democrats - stomping mad at the President.

Over his very controversial tax cut compromise made with Republicans.

"The President's preferred compromise now - includes - extending the tax breaks for the wealthy. Extending the top tax rates that are due to go up on Jan 1, but keeping them where they are right now, and they see that as a betrayal of principle, and many of them actually lost their seats fighting for this -  and they're just not going to vote yes, unless the President gives them a very good reason to do so, and so far he hasn't."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum - speaking with Trey Reidel at 92.5 Fox News in Fort Myers, FL.

One of the President's own party - a Democratic leadership aide - even going so far as to say that the plan - in its current form - "Shows how much the White House has screwed this up."

Buzzing on...

Al Qaeda --- on Facebook?

The terrorist group - along with many more terrorist organizations  -using social media sites - like Facebook - to share operational information, and target recruit and radicalize members of the general public.

Terrorists actually use Facebook?

"Absolutely. It's a perfect ground for that - not only - you know - with bad guy to bad guy communication - where one communication can go out to hundreds of people - but by the radical people trying to target the moderate people. In the past you had to go out and search for jihad - you had to go out and search for these things - well now - once you link up with Facebook - it can be presented with you thru your friend network and it can be presented in a very subliminal way."

Chip Meadows - Manager of Managed Services Operations with Digital Defense - speaking with Jack, Ted and Alyson at WFLA in Tampa, FL.

So what's next? A friend request from Bin Laden himself...?

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