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Your twoppic of the moment is Howard Stern...  The shock jock announcing his future on Thursday's show...  Sterns new 5-year contract with Sirius is reportedly going to allow him a "flexible schedule," but there's no word exactly how many live shows he will host each week.  @m4gg1e_j4ne tweets "imsoglad Howard Stern is staying w/ SiriusXM! I'm hooked on channel 39,&now my mom isn't cancelling her subscription."

Your twoppic of the day is Escondido... Authorities in the California town were left with no choice but to destroy an explosives-laden house... @AwesomeRococo tweets "There is smoke and ash all in the air from the burning of the Escondido bomb guys house. Scary it's so close."

Your top twoppic is Jim Morrison.  One day after what would have been his 67th birthday, the rocker is pardoned in Florida.  The Doors frontman was convicted of indecent exposure stemming from a 1969 incident during which Morrison allegedly exposed himself on stage during a concert.  Morrison was in the process of appealing the case when he died.  The news is underwhelming the Twitter-verse... @badbanana tweets "Jim Morrison pardoned for indecent exposure? What's next, Ozzy pardoned for bat-biting? Kenny G pardoned for being Kenny G?"

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