[Video] It keeps going and going and going…

Ideologues! In this ongoing discussion of extending Bush Tax Cuts and the Estate Tax, the left continues to use false phrases like "paying for the tax cut." The only thing with explicit costs in Government, is spending, not Tax Rates, you simply lower spending. However, Liberals believe it's the Government Money that the Government is allowing you to have. No better proof of this core belief than Congressman Anthony Weiner's screed with Megyn Kelly yesterday about the "Estate Tax." Gibson examines it.

Mercy! A New Gallup Poll Shows Americans support extending the Bush Tax Cuts but they also support, overwhelmingly in some cases, the Extension of Unemployment Benefits. Are they uninformed of the consequences or just more empathetic than nasty Right Wingers. Gibson judges. Plus: 42 Million now on Food Stamps too!

Plus: Far Left Wiki-Nerd Hackers declare Cyber-War on "enemies list," Far Left continues to batter President Obama for making the only deal he could, Oprah Cries and the Sun rose this Morning, Birther Baseball Nut and another Tacky Blow Up Front Law Ornament Christmas in America!