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Your top twoppic is now-former University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer.  The Gators head coach is stepping down for the second time in as many may remember his brief retirement last December, when he cited health concerns.  A 2-time National Champion with the Gators, Meyer hasn't had any public health problems since, saying in a statement that his desire to focus on his family and life away from the field is the reason retiring now. @kBasarab tweets "Urban Meyer might be wanting to take some spotlight away from Brett Favre. What are the bets on him coming back?"

Your twoppic of the day is Space-X...  FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reporting on the company, the first private group to put a capsule into this level of orbit and retrieve it... @astroengine tweets "I'm not sure which is more amazing, that we've just witnessed a historic space event, or that we all experienced it through Twitter."

Your top twoppic is John Lennon.  The Beatle was murdered outside of his New York City apartment 30 years ago by deranged fan Mark David Chapman.  Just across the street, fans are gathering in Central Park's Strawberry Fields, where they are paying tribute to Lennon.  Author @meganmccafferty remembers "I was in 1st grade when John Lennon was murdered. My dad & I heard the news at breakfast & I cried. The Beatles were my first favorite band," while actor @simonpegg tweets "Remembering the great John Lennon today. Thirty years gone and no less present. Imagine that."

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