A woman who's been spreading holiday cheer with her elaborate Christmas display has drawn the ire of officials in the New York village of Lindenhurst - and she could be arrested.

Mary Groth's home is decorated with 32,000 Christmas lights and dozens of ornaments. Her family's yuletide cheer generates hundreds of dollars for local charities.

"When the economy is bad and people are having hard times, I'm trying to turn around and make something good for people," Groth told Fox News.

But village officials said her toy soldiers and gingerbread men are too close to the sidewalk and they also allege that she has unlicensed electrical wiring on her lawn.

Groth was issued to summons and told to appear in court. If she doesn't, Groth could be arrested.

"It makes no sense to me," Groth said, arguing that she's been setting up the bright display for six years.

However, the village said the soldiers are technically on their property - and someone could get shocked by the extension cords on the front lawn.

Some local residents are siding with the Groth family, calling the tickets ridiculous.

"I think we've got a Scrooge in the area," one resident told Fox News.

As for what happens next, Groth said she's drawing a line in the sand.

"We've always decorated immensely and it has grown over the years and it's going to keep on growing - whether the village likes it or not," she said.

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