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On a Monday, just hours before a big match-up, news that a Monday Night Football icon has died...  Your twoppic of the moment is Don Meredith. "Dandy Don" quarterbacked the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 to 1968 before becoming an original member of the Monday Night Football broadcast team two years later.  Meredith was in the booth the night of Howard Cosell's memorable announcement telling the world of the death of John Lennon...  Meredith perhaps was best known for singing Willie Nelson's "Turn Out the Lights" when a game's outcome was no longer in doubt...  @beegpapa1 remembers "RIP Dandy Don. After a great career as a player, you made MNF something to look forward to - regardless of the teams involved."  Don Meredith was 72.

Elsewhere in the sports world, your twoppic of the day is the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Long-time General Manager Pat Gillick is heading to the hall, elected Monday by the Veterans Committee.  In 27 years as a Major League G-M, Gillick built 3 World Series winning teams, taking home titles with the Blue Jays in '92 and '93 before winning with the Phillies in 2008.  In his 5th time on the ballot, former Players Association chief Marvin Miller missed a single vote.  @DonaldMick is sounding off on the votes, tweeting "Time for Good Idea, Bad Idea. Good idea: Induct Pat GIllick to the Baseball HOF. Bad idea: Leave Marvin Miller out again."

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