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President Obama - making an unannounced trip - Friday - to Afghanistan.

His third trip - and second since becoming President.

The purpose of the trip - to meet with the troops.

"I think he wanted also to meet with his military advisors, and the military commanders - his civilian advisers as well. It was mostly just to meet with the troops as the holiday season begins. And to encourage them, and to thank them for their good work."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum speaking with John Watson at WILM in Wilmington, DE.

President Obama was also supposed to partake in a "working dinner" with Afghan President Hamid Karzai - but the plans were cancelled due to bad weather.

Buzzing on...

The DREAM Act.

A study - showing it could cost tax payers 6.2 billion dollars a year.

The DREAM Act - a controversial bill - giving tens of thousands of illegal immigrants - who attend college or join the military - a path to legal status...

Steve Camerota - Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies spent some time this morning with Dan Kennedy at WOC in Davenport, IA and had this to say:

"But as this very broad bill - very costly bill - is constructed - it certainly is going to encourage more illegal immigration. And I think we can avoid that with some significant changes - but as it stands right now it seems to me - you know - it's very problematic."

A new report from the Center for Immigration studies - says the DREAM Act could erode the educational opportunities available to US Citizens.

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