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Breaking from his party... Your twoppic of the moment is Scott Brown.  Brown announced Friday that he supports the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" an extent.  Brown still hasn't expressed support for the underlying bill and says he supports the repeal of the policy, as long as it can be implimented effectively in wartime.  Reaction in the Twitter-verse is mixed... @adamjbink tweets "Messaging needs to be both vote for #DADT repeal and vote for cloture. Scott Brown isn't where he needs to be on part two yet."

After 13 years as the Chicago Cubs third baseman, it's understandable that he wouldn't follow the unwritten "No Cheering in the Press Box" rule...  Your twoppic of the day is the death of Cubs broadcaster Ron Santo.  Best known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve, Santo's passion was evident in every call, whether it be something great, like Carlos Zambrano's no-hitter...  Or something horrible, like a dropped ball blowing a game... @masond tweets "Love or hate the Cubs, Ron Santo was passionate about what he did and who he was. A baseball icon. His uniqueness will certainly be missed." @nextsportsguy tweets "RIP Ron Santo. If there was ever a guy that deserved to see the Cubbies win a World Series, it was him. He was their biggest fan."  Despite finishing atop the ballot 3 times, Santo has never quite garnered enough votes to get his spot in Baseball's Hall of Fame.

Her restaurant is a New York City staple, one of the places to "see or be seen."  Your top twoppic is the death of restaurateur Elaine Kaufman... @muffinbean tweets "Elaine Kaufman died. 🙁 STOP DYING AWESOME OLD PEOPLE."

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