The First Baptist Church in Woodstock has been hosting school events since 2005 - and with good reason - their 6,000-seat auditorium is the largest in town. But the Cherokee County Board of Education may have to reconsider the venue after a local resident complained that holding high school graduation in a church violates the Constitution.

"There are so many people who would not be comfortable standing under a cross to graduate from school," Rabbi Jeff Feinstein told Fox News. "A decision that discriminates against even one person is not the correct decision."

Feinstein was among those attending a packed school board meeting to debate the issue. They tabled the matter until January under the threat of a potential lawsuit and national opposition from Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

School officials said there was nothing religious about their graduation ceremonies. They said it was simply a matter of space - and cost. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the church only charges $2,000 for the district's five graduation ceremonies. The school board's attorney, Thomas Roach, told the newspaper that other venues typically cost around $40,000.

"I don't see it as a religious venue," one unidentified student told Fox News. "I see it as a building that gives us the amount of space we need."

Barry Lynn, the executive director for Americans United, told the AJC, hinted of a possible lawsuit should Cherokee County hold graduation at the church.

"We would have to take that seriously," he told the newspaper.

The crowd attending the school board meeting was overwhelmingly supportive of keeping the graduation ceremonies at the church.

"We as a community should never allow outside organization(s) intimidate us," said Greg Mikszan.

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