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Aliens...kind of.   Your twoppic of the moment is NASA's finding of new life...on Earth.  The new bacterium, discovered in California's Mono Lake, need arsenic, which is normally deadly.  The unique part?  This new discovery doesn't have or use phosphorus, while EVERY other living organism known on the planet requires.  @jimgoldstein tweets "aliens in my backyard! too cool!"

The world's game...not coming to America.  Your twoppic of the day is the selection of soccer's 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosts.  Russia takes home the 2018 games, beating fellow European foes England and joint bids from Spain and Portugal...and Netherlands and Belgium.  The USA's hopes of hosting 2022...dashed by a country that tweeps are struggling (Quatar? Katar?) to spell.  Qatar has been named the host nation, despite concerns about a tournament held during a desert summer with temperatures near 120 degrees.  The bid promises air conditioned stadiums that will cool the air by up to 50 degrees.  And for the's Q-A-T-A-R.

Your top twoppic is Grammy Nominations.  Leading the way...Eminem.  The rapper pulling in 10 nominations.  Bruno Mars has 7 mixed in singing, songwriting and production.  Jay-Z is up for 6 awards, as is Lady Gaga, whose 6 include Album, Pop Vocal, Female Pop Vocal and Pop Collaboration nominations...  Also getting 6 noms, country stars Lady Antebellum.  Reaction in the Twitter-verse is mixed... @Halliwellicious tweets "Grammy Awards nominations are a JOKE. Music buisness became a JOKE," while @kristenmichele tweets "Really excited about the #Grammy nominations. All of my faves were recognized - including the #Glee cast!!!"  The most popular artist on twitter, of course...Justin Bieber...and his hair, getting...2...nominations.

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