[Video] Bush Tax Cuts: All or Nothing! Plus, Julian Assange: Hero or Zero?

All or Nothing! Republicans have made it clear, they want Bush Tax Cuts to remain for everyone (for whatever period of time is agreed) to but House Democrats are going to assuage their base by taking a vote on "250K and under" today. Meanwhile, businesses and individual have no clue what their tax tables are for end of the year. Gibson examines.

Heartless! Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Nancy Pelosi and a throng of bused in Union Hacks held a "Rally" in the House of Representatives last night demanding an extension of Unemployment Benefits for the long term unemployed. Republicans just want it paid for. Will they cave not wanting to be seen as Scrooges around the Holidays? Gibson rules.

Hero! Various respectable Libertarians and Far Right Stalwarts are coming out of the woodwork singing the praises of WikiLeak's Julian Assange and his "outing America" Narcissism by Skype Tour. Is light the best disinfectant? Gibson rages.

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