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Your twoppic of the moment...fireworks off the Monday Night Football field...  Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson appearing on ESPN after the Cardinals 27-6 loss, reacting after being caught laughing with a teammate on the sidelines while down 18 points...  Anderson's eyes practically bugging out of his head as he became even more empassioned...  Before finally having enough and storming off...  Not much sympathy for Anderson on Twitter...@selenalarsonpr tweets "Derek Anderson is a #TT. I wonder if he's laughing about it."

Your twoppic of the day is #why90srocked.  The two most popular reasons for why the 1990's were so awesome are actually being tweeted so much that they are now trending separately themselves...those being Fresh Prince and Rugrats@emilygx3 is going with Rugrats, as well as Hanson and the Spice Girls, while @garettnelson is going with "old school nickelodeon's... Real Monsters, Doug, Figure It Out, Hey Arnold, Kenan & Kel, Rugrats, And ROCKET POWER!@iGladstone is a Fresh Prince fan, and also credits Martin, Living Single and In Living Color.

Your top twoppic is the upcoming movie "How Do You Know?"  The romantic comedy hits theaters on the 17th and has an all-star cast, including Reese Witherspoon... Paul Rudd... Owen Wilson... And Jack Nicholson... The Twitter-verse seems excited for the film... @lsowens tweets "i really really really really really reallyyyyyyyyyyy wanna see the movie #howdoyouknow."

I'm @ChrisHoenigFNR and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.