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First - an onslaught of security increases at airports... starting with body scanners and pat downs.

Gary (KFAB): "Millions of us since the screening started - have gone thru this process. To your knowledge - have we caught one terrorist this way?"

Addicott: "That's a good question - in fact - to my knowledge - no. To my knowledge we've caught a lot of folks trying to bring drugs on board - or transport drugs.  But no - this screening hasn't stopped any body - it didn't even stop Abdulmutallab - the underwear bomber - when he showed up without a passport - paying in cash for the air ticket - again - Helen Keller could have figured out he was a potential problem - oh no - we'll just let you on the airplane - no problem."

That was Lt.  Col Jeff Addicott - Director for the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's university  - speaking with Gary Saddelmyer at KFAB in Omaha, NE.

Homeland security NOW looking to spread the technology over to - trains, ships and mass transit.

Col Addicott - has concerns:

"I do not think that the back-scanner technology is constitutional. I think it is an invasion of privacy - is an unreasonable search in violation of the constitution. That said - there are other lawyers and law professors who say no - it's not unreasonable. We'll know when the Supreme Court tells us who's right. My biggest objection is - it's a waste of money. We're spending millions and millions of dollars on these devices and yet we need to put that money over towards anti terrorism capabilities. That is - we stop them before they get to the airport.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in an interview last week - that more measures MUST be taken - to ensure national security.

Buzzing right along:

Did you shop 'til you dropped on Black Friday?

63% of retailers - having online promotions available to shoppers today - that - according to the national retail federation - in honor of Cyber Monday - the next big thing.

Were the bigger deals available on black Friday or Cyber Monday?

That question asked of Financial Coach Matthew Sapaula - by Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio, TX.

Sapaula's answer:

"You know - that really depends on what you're buying - and what your time is worth. On Friday - I was filled with turkey, cranberries, even some leftovers and football was all over my TV screen. I wasn't going to be standing in 30 degree weather at 3 o'clock in the morning - I'd rather be at the comfort of my computer google searching what I want to buy - and the convenience for me - is priceless."

According to the national retail federations report - employees - ages 25 to 34 - men and women alike - are most likely to shop online from work during breaks and lunch hour today...

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.