[Video] The Weakness of Obama!

Exhaustion! The North Koreans attack the South Koreans (again.) Obama Supporter Velma Hart who was "exhausted" with "defending" President Obama just got fired. New Gallup Poll just found that 82 percent of Americans are "happy" with their Healthcare Plan that's about to get neutered and many Americans will get their groins touched before going to Grandma's House on Thursday. Things aren't going well. Gibson examines. Plus: John speaks with former CIA Bin Laden Chief Michael Scheuer, about the NoKo's.

Plus: Huckabee joins Palin in saying he could beat Obama, Sarah Palin says no more Katie Couric or biased "Journalists" interviews, Left Wing Billion and Millionaires say it's their "moral duty" to pay more taxes, the Pew Poll on "Marriage in America" and Electric Cars everywhere!