Sharron Angle: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

by Stuart Shapiro

So when does the statute of limitations expire on making fun of crazy Republican 2010 candidates?  Obviously Joe Miller is still fair game since he is still protesting the Alaska election despite pleas from the Republican party for him to stop.  How about Sharron Angle?  I hope her behavior give us enough to go on until at least the end of 2010.  Especially since revelations are still coming out about her campaign, reports Jon Ralston.

Team Angle put campaign volunteers through a three-hour indoctrination. Included was an instruction of what to do if anyone came into the office who looked like a Democrat, a Reid supporter or a member of the media — they all look alike! — and that order was to dial a certain extension in front of the interloper and say, “It’s time to water the plants.” Sounds like Don Adams might have been on the other end of the line. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

She also praised Pinochet (click through for the full story)!  Once again on behalf of Democrats everywhere, particularly Harry Reid, Chris Coons, and Michael Bennett, I would like to say thank you, Tea Party.

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