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Kevin Miller (KIDO): "285 counts - this guy - they can't convict. He gets one count of conspiracy. "

Clint David: "Let me tell you something, Kevin. This is nothing short of a catastrophic embarrassment and humiliation for the justice department for the Obama administration, for the US attorney's office. "

The count - conspiracy to blow up a building.

Clint David: This was going to be sort of the show trial to show the world that these Guantanamo detainees can be tried you know - in our civilian court system - rather than military tribunals.

That was Clint David - Lawyer at Dallas Based Law Firm David, Goodman and Madole - speaking with Kevin Miller at KIDO in Boise, ID.

Fox's Todd Starnes echoed a similar sentiment to Jamie Allman at KFTK.

"This was the test case for the 9-11 terrorists. So the question from the White House now is - or - to the White House - is do they go ahead and give in and say you know what - we made a mistake - we need to have military tribunals."

Ahmed (ACK MED) Ghailani - called by prosecutors - a cold blooded killer and terrorist.

The defense arguing that Ghailani didn't even know the plot - which killed 224 people - many of which were Americans - in embassy's in Tanzania and Kenya.

Ghailani faces 20 to life years in prison. His attorney plans to appeal the verdict.

Buzzing onto the next big thing...  

Airport security... a HUGE issue right now.

Pat downs and FULL body scans facing MANY holiday travelers next week...

Civil rights groups say the more invasive screening violates civil liberties including freedom of religion, the right to privacy, and the 4th amendment... which protects people against unreasonable search and seizures.

More than that - there's a greater safety concern - according to Lt. Col Jeff Addicott - director for the Center of Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University:

"My biggest concern - is that - you know - there's a practical consideration here - that a lot of these jets - we're told - that 40% of the passenger jets - the cargo that's underneath them is not even screened.  So we're spending all this time and effort for the folks that are getting on the plane - and yet under the belly of the plane - now that everyone has been screened and powdered and all that stuff - you've got potential for disaster."

That was Addicott speaking with Fred and Pam at WHBC in Canton, OH.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.