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Your twoppic of the moment...another celebrity couple bites the dust...  FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh in LA reporting that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are calling it quits.  @losernerdfriend is concerned...about Parker's San Antonio Spurs, that is.  She tweets "I feel bad for saying this, but I hope it doesn't affect his game. They play the Bulls tonight."

Your twoppic of the day is trimming the friend fat.  In a bit of social media synergy, Twitter is trending Facebook's National Unfriend Day.  The movement is the brainchild of ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who believes that Facebook is cheapening the meaning of friendship.  But not everybody is participating... @BrettDewey tweets "I don't "friend" without thought and don't "unfriend" just because @JimmyKimmel says so."

Your top twoppic is Congressional Leadership.  California Democrat Nancy Pelosi retains her party's leadership position and will become Minority Leader, while Ohio Republican John Boehner has been nominated, on his birthday, as the GOP's pick for House Speaker.  @JohnBoehner himself tweets "Humbled & honored to be House Republicans' designee for Speaker of the House."

I'm @ChrisHoenigFNR and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.