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TSA Official: "We're going to be a groin check. That means I'm going to place my hand on your hip - my other hand on your inner thigh - and slowly go up and slide down - I'm going to do that 2 times in the front and 2 times in the back."

Passenger John Tyner: "You can do that out here - but if you touch my junk I'm going to have you arrested."

That exchange...along with the passenger's subsequent refusal to complete the security screening process at the San Diego Airport - NOW - may cost John Tyner a CIVIL PENALTY of 11 Thousand Dollars!!!

His refusal is a violation of federal law.

Charlie Parker: "What law did he violate - and why is it - if he did violate a federal law - why did he get hit with a civil penalty as opposed to a criminal one?"

Dan Tokaji: "Well, the TSA's position is that they're conducting an investigation - but that he may have violated a portion of the aviation and transportation security act - and regulations under that act."

That was Ohio State University Law Professor Dan Tokaji - speaking with Charlie at WOAI in San Antonio.

This story - is all our stations have been buzzing about this morning...

New York based Civil Rights Attorney Tanya Gendelman spent some time with Gary and Jim at WSBA in York, PA... along with MANY other Fox stations:

Jim Horn (WSBA): "Tonya - is this whole thing not just totally utterly ridiculous from top to bottom?"

Tonya Gendelman: "I certainly think so. It's really a violation of our 4th amendment rights - of unreasonable search and seizure. This just goes way too far."

According to Tyner - after refusing the search - he was escorted to the ticket counter where he received a refund - but was then approached by a TSA official who said he MUST submit to the full screening process BEFORE leaving the airport.

We'll have to watch and see how this one plays out. Especially with the Holiday travel season on the approach.

It's not just an issue affecting passengers... according to Law Professor Dan Tokaji who left us with this:

"Obviously - this is something that has a lot of privacy advocates very worried - and a lot of ordinary people worried."

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.