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The Department of Justice giving money to so called "Sanctuary Cities" to help defray the costs of keeping illegal immigrants.

Which - according to Mark Krikorian - Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies - isn't such a bad idea... BUT:

"The problem here is that the money goes to communities that are working with the feds - AND it's going to these sanctuary cities that are basically thumbing their nose at federal immigration authorizes - and I don't see why tax payers should be helping them out and helping them keep doing that."

That was Krikorian speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego...

"In 1996 - Congress made it illegal to be a sanctuary city. In other words - to prohibit your cops or other employees from working with immigration authorities - but they never did anything to back that up. They never put any teeth in the law. And now we find - not only are they not enforcing it, but they are actually rewarding sanctuary cities with millions of dollars to help defray the cost of the problem they are helping create in the first place."

A recent report - released by the Center for Immigration Studies - found that the Department of Justice THIS YEAR -- spent upwards of 62.2 MILLION - MORE THAN 15 PERCENT of the Federal Grant Programs 400 million dollar total -- compensating more than two dozen states, counties and cities for their cost of jailing illegal immigrants in so called "sanctuary cities".

Buzzing right along... 

The Lame Duck Congress - may now convene.

"Lame duck Congresses are of course the session of Congress after an election but before a new Congress comes in and it's called lame in part because it's kind of broken that way - in between sessions... and also because it usually doesn't get much done - I think."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum.

Will they get anything done??

First order of business... Government spending... since the budget year expired in September...

The other HUGE order of business? The Bush Era tax cuts - which are set to expire at the end of this year.... And the pressure is on.

"Unless Congress extends them - a lot of people are going to be faced with a big tax increase - and the fight is whether they'll all be extended or whether - as President Obama has said he has preferred - just extend the ones for the middle class. Right now they're working on a compromise that will extend them all - but for a limited period - maybe for a couple of years."

That was Birnbaum speaking with Tony Cruise at WHAS.

Will a compromise between the parties be reached?

Jonathan Allen - reporter for spoke with April and Stefen at KOA in Denver, CO and had this to say:                                                                  

"I think there's some wiggle room - certainly some room for compromise between the President and the incoming republican majority in the House. So we'll have to see whether that gets done between Thanksgiving and Christmas or if it may slip into the New Year. But certainly both sides will be anxious to prevent taxes from going up on most Americans."

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