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Back to the drawing board!

Following a land slide victory in the house... republicans are NOW working hard to sway unsure democrats across the aisle...

Is this going to be a new trend?

"I think it is a trend. I think you're going to hear that question come up to many democrats in the House and Senate."

Director of Government Relations at the Heritage Foundation - Brian Darling speaking with Vic Porcelli at WRPW in Normal, IL.

Darling continued on:

"It's not going to help them in the Senate to change power - but it will maybe change some of these members to save their jobs. I mean - Joe Manchin of West Virginia is a great example. Because he just won by 10 points. Big election in West Virginia. He's up in cycle. He has to run again in 2012. So I'm sure with - especially in the Senate - you have 23 Democrats who have to run for reelection - only 10 republicans. This is going to be a tough go of it - if this last election is any example for many democrats. So many may be considering a potential switch."

In addition to Manchin - Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut are considered to be two prime targets of republican advances.

If the three were to switch - we'd see the Senate split right down the middle in a 50 - 50 deadlock.

Buzzing right along...

The health care battle rages on.

The latest:

The Supreme Court - refusing to hear arguments on the constitutionality of the bill.

"The way the Supreme Court usually operates is you don't get to see a case until there's a split amongst the circuit court of appeals - and it could take a year to two years for the cases in the various states to work their way up to that level. So it's going to be a while until we get there."

...Paul Howard - director of the Center for Medical Progress at the Manhattan Institute.

"This current ruling is not goin to say anything about what the Supreme Court is ultimately going to do when it gets a case before it."

That was Howard speaking with Chris Baker at KTLK in Minneapolis.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.