George Bush returns. While President Obama tours India and Indonesia, George W. Bush is on a television book tour for the publication of his new memoir, Decision Points.

He's kept his silence for two years, and when he finally spoke up in this book, he has been gracious enough to not attack President Obama either directly nor indirectly. However, his interview stands in stark contrast to the performance of the present President in the 60 Minutes interview Sunday night.

Bush's responses... on waterboarding, on Iraq, on WMD, on Katrina, and on TARP... are crisp, clean, and mercifully short. Compare that to the responses of President Obama to questions about why he lost so badly in the recent mid term elections. Obama was verbose, circuitous, and unsatisfying, even to his supporters.

In the space of two days we have seen the president we reviled, and the president we worshiped... I suggest we got it backwards.

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