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He's baaaccck...Your twoppic of the moment is the return of Conan... The late-night funny man opens his new show Monday, though the winner of his "Best First Guest" poll will remain a mystery until show time.  Among those up for voting are the cast of "Fat Albert" and Pope Benedict.

Your twoppic of the day is a man sentenced to death.  FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes reports a Connecticut jury giving Steven Hayes the death penalty for the home invasion and murder of a mother and her daughters. The jury spent 4 days deciding Hayes' fate.

Your top twoppic is Tim Tebow.  The Heisman Trophy winning former Florida Gator signing a book deal. Tebow's now playing for the Denver Broncos and will release his memoir through HarperCollins in April.  The Twitter-verse is mixed---@Aligmiller isn't feeling the Gator love, tweeting "I was unaware Tebow could read or write," while @jyinger says "I don't understand the Tim Tebow hate.  A lot of it seems pretty bigoted."  @savannar reacts "barffffffff," though her feeling is understandable---she's a UGA grad.  HarperCollins, by the way, is owned by NewsCorp, which is the parent-company of FOX News.

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