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The Palin Factor it a real thing?

Was it a huge determining factor in results we saw following Election Day?

Palin backed candidates for Tuesdays Midterm Elections - saw more wins than losses.

Is this a sign that the former Vice Presidential candidate, and former Governor of Alaska should make a run for the White House in 2012?

"Yeah - that's right - the concern with her is there's kind of like this cap - of how high she can get. Three's this very enthusiastic group who want her - but it doesn't really extend much beyond that. The one thing that that says though is that that group is solid for her. It's not going anywhere in the republican primary - so if she decides to run - you could see a situation where she could string together enough of the early primary states - especially Iowa and South Carolina where she's very popular - that she'd be able to win - or would have so much influence within that primary that she'd essentially be able to pick who of the remaining last few ends up getting through."

That was reporter Andy Barr speaking with Chip at KOGO.

Former Governor Palin backed 52 Congressional Candidates... 37 of them won. In the Senate, she backed ten -- six of them won... and all seven Palin backed gubernatorial candidates saw victory on Tuesday!

Buzzing right along...

The future of the Obama Healthcare Plan - now at stake.

With the sweeping republican victory in the house - what will become of so called "OBAMA CARE"?

"So I think what we're going to see in the next couple of years is a number of skirmishes in what's going to be a very long battle over the future of American Healthcare."

That was Dr. Paul Howard - Senior Fellow at the Center for Medical Progress speaking with Scott Fitzgerald at WERC in Birmingham, AL.

We'll have to wait until January - when newly elected officials step into Washington, DC - to see what will become of Obama's hotly debated health care plan - which - if untouched would go into effect in 2014.

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