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Your twoppic of the moment is the release of Lil Wayne... Authorities releasing the rapper from a New York jail Thursday morning, where he served 8-months of a 1-year prison term stemming from a weapons charge.  The case began in October 2007 with police finding a handgun on his tour bus in New York City.  Lil Wayne pleaded guilty in 2009, but his sentencing was delayed twice---once for emergency dental surgery, the other by a courthouse fire.

Your twoppic of the day is the Airbus A380.  An engine on one of the Qantas Airlines super-jumbo jets blowing apart shortly after takeoff in Singapore, dumping debris onto houses below.  Qantas is grounding its entire fleet of the world's largest passenger jet.

Your top twoppic is food magazine Cooks Source...which many on Twitter are now calling "Crooks Source."  This after an author's claim that Cooks Source printed a copyrighted article of hers without permission.  According to Monica Gaudio, after a back-and-forth, the magazine's editor asked what Gaudio wanted in return.  She requested an apology on the magazine's Facebook page, another in the magazine itself, as well as a $130 donation to a college.  Gaudio posted what she says is the editor's response, an e-mail that says the original article was poorly written and Gaudio should be compensating the magazine for editing it.  One of Cooks Sources named "Food Frauds."

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