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Your twoppic of the moment is Sparky Anderson.  The 76-year-old Hall of Fame manager is now in hospice care at his California home for complications from dementia.  Anderson spent 16 years at the helm of the Detroit Tigers after 8 in charge of the Reds.  He's the first manager to win a World Series in both the National and American leagues, and racked up nearly 22-hundred wins. @5Blainer tweets one of many messages honoring Anderson, saying "Much love to Sparky Anderson! What a manager!"

After celebrating National Oatmeal Day last Friday, your twoppic of the day is National Sandwich Day.  The twitter-verse is honoring the occassion with their favorite sub, hoagie, hero, panini, PB&J, B-L-T, club, cuban or grilled cheese. @tacobomb2011 tweets "It's national sandwich day and slurpees is trending. Best. Day. Ever."

Your top twoppic is the results of Election Day.  A red wave has swept across the nation, with FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern reporting Republicans are taking control of the House.  Democrats maintain a narrow majority in the Senate, while a number of Gubernatorial races swung to the Republicans.  For behind the scenes video footage from FOX News Radio's Election Night LIVE Coverage, log on to

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