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Your twoppic of the moment is Conan Show Zero...  In preparation for the debut of his new late night show on the 8th, Conan O'Brien is taking to his website for a dress rehearsal.  "Conan Show Zero," with celebrity guests and all, will air Monday night at 11 Eastern on his website, as well as his Youtube channel and Facebook page. @KristinStocker tweets "gonna rush home from work for this!"

Your twoppic of the day is #NaNoWriMo... That's National Novel Writing Month.  The November project is designed to bring professional and amateur writers together from all across the country.  @Emily_Ruth tweets "Day 1 of #NaNoWriMo: so far, 190 words.  Got a late start as I went to bed right when it started here." @mazumi is working towards a novel as well, tweeting "1700 words a day. i can do this. I CAN DO THIS."

Your top twoppic...well, @Adam_Jacobi says it best in his tweet "Brad Childress has challenged the ruling on the field that the Vikings acquired Randy Moss this season."  And it appears he won that challenge---the Vikings waiving Randy Moss on Monday.  After catching just 1 pass for 8 yards in a 28-18 loss to the New England Patriots, Moss took to the mic on the N-F-L Network to discuss his former team...  Whether or not the love-fest cost him his job, the Twitter-verse doesn't blame Moss.  @JustJudyCreate tweets "Brad Childress is the #1 trending topic on Twitter.  The WORLD wants him fired."

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