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...Just one more day until voters hit the polls to cast their ballots for Midterm Elections.

"This is going to be a democracy in action... I see that as - not just interesting from an intellectual point of view but important in a cultural sense. We have a very volatile electorate. A lot of angry people and how it manifests itself is what our Founding Fathers had in mind - and it's still working today. It's quite a remarkable thing."

That was Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum.

Democrats scrambling in a final push - to garner the support needed to hold on to their control in the House.

Will we see a flip in the balance of power? We should know the answer - tomorrow.

Buzzing right along...

President Obama confirming Friday - that the suspicious packages discovered in Dubai and England on board of US bound Air Cargo planes - contained explosive materials.

The suspicious packages leading to the grounding of several UPS planes at airports in Philadelphia and Newark,NJ.

JP: "To me, it just seems weird they haven't figured out whether this was supposed to blow up the plane - or whether it was supposed to be actually delivered to these places it was addressed to in Chicago. Any new word on any of that?"

Rich Johnson: "Apparently that could have gone either way. John Brenner - the Chief White House Counter-terrorism official told Fox News Sunday yesterday, these devices did not need any other action to explode. They would have gone off on their own - either in flight or at their destination. 

Fox News Radio's RICH JOHNSON - speaking with JP at KTRH in Houston, TX.

The Yemen based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is suspected. Authorities now trying to determine if it was part of a dry run - for a future mail bomb plot striking the US.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.