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Your twoppic of the moment is a nation on high alert.  Authorities overseas picking off suspicious packages looking like everyday products---namely a printer's toner cartridge, with wires sticking out.  As for their destination, the packages were reportedly heading to religious centers in Chicago.  Synagogues there are supposedly on high alert.  Sources saying al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula are considered top suspects in the scare.

On a lighter note, your twoppic of the day is National Oatmeal Day.  Of course, not everyone is excited for the breakfast mash... @danniebear87 tweets "Today is National Oatmeal Day! Gross!"  It's making some hungry, though... @RenewedFitness says "I love oatmeal! I will be eating a bowl shortly 🙂"

If you live on a lonely, isolated, desolate road, you know cell service can be spotty.  Well, your top twoppic is the one of the most isolated places on Earth...Mount Everest, which now has 3G service.  @chriskidster says "Mount Everest now has internet and cell reception with a 3G base station. You no longer have an excuse not to climb it."

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