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Genetics... and politics - go hand in hand?

"Scientists are digging into our genetic make-up - you know - the genome and all that stuff they've been working on for the last few years. And one of the things they've discovered is there really is a genetic predisposition to certain political views."

...that was Columnist and Political Analyst Ellis Henican - speaking with Joe at WSYR in Syracuse, NY.

The "Liberal Gene" - found by researchers at the University of California, San Diego - and Harvard.

Authors of the study claim that this is the first research to identify a specific gene that predisposes people to certain political views...

...and to think! thought you were that way by choice!

Buzzing down the political road...

The President - losing his base of support...

Independent Voters appear to be turning this election cycle to the GOP.

"Independent voters - although they are a little bit right of center politically and ideologically - they really look to whether or not the Government is competent or not. And what they've looked at is - this Government and this Congress - and they've decided thumbs down almost uniformly - that Congress is in over its head - the President is in over his head - and what they're doing is just not working."

Mike Franc - VP of Government Relations at the Heritage Foundation speaking with Jim and Gary at WSBA in York, PA.

Other key groups it seems President Obama is losing - Women and Roman Catholics.

Will the President be able to recover the loss of support? Drumming up his base to hit the polls on Tuesday? Just a few more days until we find the answer!

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.