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Your twoppic of the moment is the blame game from the Gulf oil spill.  The President's Oil Spill Commission reporting that tests on the cement used in the ill-fated well found the seal wasn't stable, but B-P and contractor Halliburton did nothing with the information.  Halliburton stock fell nearly $6 when the news broke Thursday afternoon---that's more than 10% of its value at the day's open.

Reporting by FOX News Radio's Eben Brown.

Your hot twoppic of the day is Charlie Chaplin.  Irish film-maker George Clarke was watching extra footage from 1928's "The Circus," when something caught his attention...What appears to be a woman on a cell phone.  Clarke's offering what he sees as the most logical explanation --- that she's a time traveler.  In the twitter-verse...well, the reactions range from shock to disbelief.  @abitdangerous tweets "An extra talking on a cell phone in Charlie Chaplin movie circa 1928? Creeeepy," while @KingKott says "Just cause a crazy woman talked to her hand doesn't mean Charlie Chaplin is a time traveler."

See the video at the bottom of the article HERE.

Your top twoppic is the best selling solo artist in history... Garth Brooks announcing a Nashville flooding benefit concert.  Brooks and wife Trisha Yearwood are hosting the concert at the city's Bridgestone Arena on December 17th.  Tickets start at $25, and proceeds from the show go to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.  May's flooding caused widespread damage in middle Tennessee, with damage in Nashville alone coming in at more than $2 billion.  Brooks hasn't performed in Nashville since 1998, and the benefit will be his only arena show of the year, as the "Friends in Low Places" star is semi-retired, performing only part-time in Las Vegas.

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