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Election season - in full swing...

And with that - the Tea Party Express rolls on - where Fox's Jeff Monosso has been along for the ride:

Matt Patrick: "When you talk to the folks - and I'm not talking about the Tea Party Express people, necessarily - but the people that are showing for to these rallies - are they the angry mobs, are they pro republican / democrat, they don't know ...what are they looking for?"

Jeff Monosso: "You know - they're - it's really a mixture of everybody. And you constantly hear that it's a mixture of - you know - old / young, rich / poor, black / white, straight / gay... it really is. And that's what I've found anyway - and the biggest thing that I'm hearing is that they want their country back."

That was Monosso - from St. Louis, MO - speaking with Matt Patrick at affiliate WTRC in South Bend, IN.

Buzzing right along...

From Commander in Chief - to Campaigner in Chief:

"When we promised during the campaign - "Change you can believe in" - it wasn't "Change you can believe in" in 18 months. It was - "Change you can believe in" but you know what - we're going to have to work for it."

President Obama - last night on the Daily Show - with John Stewart.

...A good campaign tactic? ...Or a political blunder?

"Make no mistake about it - Barrack Obama's name may not be on the ballot this year - but this election is all about him. It will be a referendum on his performance and the Democrats performance. Because they are the ones who have been controlling the power - uh the levels of power in Washington - both the White House and Congress."

That was Costas Panagopoulos - Executive Editor for Campaigns and Elections magazine speaking with Peter at WOAI in San Antonio, TX.

From Washington DC we buzz on up to Connecticut. 

Where a Federal Judge - ordered the state's top election official to ALLOW voters to wear World Wrestling Entertainment garb - to the polls.

"What happened was - the Secretary of State of Connecticut - issued sort of a decree - saying that - you know - people in enforcement at polling places - could make a determination in their discretion that if somebody's wearing WWE garb - that's perceived to be political advertising - they could ban them. So Vince McMahon - filed a lawsuit in federal court in Connecticut - to enjoin that - saying wait a minute - a shirt that just names the company where a candidate used to work is not political speech. And the fact of the matter is - he's right."

The Judge - ruling that it could not be considered political advertising for Republican Senate Candidate - Linda McMahon - the company's former CEO. 

And now we buzz all the way across the country - where:

In Alaska - a MAJOR blow - to incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski's campaign.

Murkowski - defeated in August in a Republican Primary to Tea Party favorite Joe Miller.

Despite the defeat in the primary - Murkowski hasn't given up yet.

...since the defeat the Murkowski camp has been working to get her name BACK on the ballot.

Scott: "Lisa Murkowski's bid to continue her work for the people of the United States and the people of Alaska - run into a bit of a snag - hasn't it John?"

John: "Uh, yes they did, Scott. As a matter of fact, when they talk about Politics making strange bedfellows - you have both the Democratic state chairman in Alaska and the Republican state chairman - in bed together - suing the State Board of Elections - to preclude the State Board of Elections from offering a list of write in candidates at the polling place."

GOP Political Strategist John Carbone - speaking with Scott at WERC in Birmingham, AL...

The case went to court - where a Judge issued a temporary restraining order.

"The Democratic and Republican parties - have agreed that they don't want any advantage given. And the judge was very clear that this would be an advantage - and it wasn't voter assistance - it was voter instruction.

The case is now on appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.