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As Election Day rapidly approaches... emotions are running high.

"We're in the throes of a passionate election. We are in the countdown - six days and counting. Emotions flare -  passions get high - and candidates start saying and doing things that I think are going to have consequences. "

Ethics analyst Vince Crew - speaking with Scott Fitzgerald at WERC in Birmingham, AL.

In Nevada - the gloves are off - between Incumbent Senator Harry Reid and Tea Party backed Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

Angle running a last minute campaign ad focusing on anti immigration.

The ad - features many menacing pictures of Latino men - clutching weapons - getting patted down by police and posing for mug shots.

The Angle camp says the ad is pushing for stricter immigration laws.

Critics - say its drawing a white v. non white line.

Joy Behar - of ABC's "The View" - among the critics.

"Joy Behar - yesterday - looked straight into the camera and delivered a scathing attack on Sharron Angle - who is the tea party republican running against Harry Reid. Saying stuff that I can't even repeat on the radio - Calling her the "B" word, and saying she's going to you know where. Really a scathing attack. But again I think that's just indicative of the rhetoric on both sides of the political table."

Fox's Todd Starnes speaking with Tony Connelly at WILS in Lansing, MI.

Latest Fox News polling shows Democrats are picking up support while Republicans are looking to hang on to deliver many upset wins around the Country.

Fox News Channel's Eric Shawn spent some time with Tom Marr at affiliate WCBM in Baltimore, MD - speaking about allegations of voter fraud.

"Several voters - in Nevada - Boulder City area - they went into the touch screen and wanted to vote for the Tea Part Candidate Republican Angle - as you said - and it was already checked for Reid. The County Clerk there says Oh it's - the screens are quote "sensitive". That was the reason for that. Ross Miller - is the Secretary of State there in Nevada - he is a Democrat. He is having a news conference later this afternoon to discuss these allegations."

Shawn - said the fraud allegations - seem to be rampant across the country.

"What's so troubling about this - is we're beginning to see, Tom - a pattern."

All aboard!

Fox's Jeff Monosso hopped on board the Tea Party express yesterday in Nashville... and today spoke with Bob Connors at WTVN in Columbus, OH - from Paducah, KY.

"It seems to have taken on a massive role - this Tea Party movement - and they're going after the Democrats and Republicans."

Monosso continued:

"Bob - I got to tell ya - I mean - These people are really passionate about what they feel.

Will the passion lead to high turnout on Tuesday?

Only a few days left for Candidates, Staff and Volunteers to turn up the heat to get out the vote... we'll see if their hard work pays off.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.