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It's like an episode of "Two and a Half Men," just in real life.  Your hot twoppic of the moment is Charlie Sheen... FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh reports Sheen's been hospitalized after police were called to New York's Plaza Hotel, where a naked and highly intoxicated Sheen - who was with an escort - had to be taken out in a wheelchair.  Sheen's publicist is blaming an allergic reaction to a medication for the incident.

Your twoppic of the day is the death Paul the Psychic Octopus.  The tentacled tipster fascinated fans during the summer's World Cup, correctly predicting the winner of 8 matches, including the Final.  Paul would open one of two boxes bearing team flags, collecting a mussel as a meal and reward, from his tank at the Sea Life Aquarium in Germany.  Following his 100% record in the World Cup, the oracle octopus retired from the predictions business, living out the rest of his 2-and-a-half years making kids laugh.

Your top twoppic...  "Speak Now," the newest album from country star Taylor Swift, hitting the shelves at midnight Tuesday morning.  All 14 songs on the CD are written by the 20-year-old, and they get personal...  One song is reportedly about her romantic involvement with fellow musician John Mayer...  And another is written for ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner.  Swift will mingle with a plane load of fans Wednesday, as she flies them from New York to L.A. to promote the record.

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