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One week out... until Election Day.

And many voters - still on the fence.

"Well - there's definitely a lot of persuading done in the last week of the campaign. The problem for the incumbents - is that if you've been in office for two, four, ten or twenty years - if you haven't convinced people to like you or that you're getting a lot done - typically that means you're not going to in the last week - so undecided's disproportionately fall to challengers and this year we have a lot more republican challengers than democrats because the democrats do hold the Congress."

CEO of Media Training Worldwide TJ Walker speaking with Gary at KFAB.

In a new poll out - a third of voters STILL haven't decided on a candidate to back!!!

Will the tide turn? The countdown is on...

Buzzing down the political road... all the way to Rhode Island...

Sorry Frank Caprio - you may be a democrat - BUT no Presidential endorsement for you!!!

Caprio - the Democratic candidate for Governor in Rhode Island.

President Obama - not officially endorsing a candidate in the race.

Tom Bevan - Executive Editor at - says that the Presidents NON endorsement of Caprio is basically an unspoken endorsement of former Senator Lincoln Chafee - a republican turned independent.

So - will the Presidents NON endorsement of Caprio - help Chafee? That was the question posed to Bevan by Tony at WHAS:

It's going to be close. Rhode Island is the most democratic state in the union - in terms of voter registration. But Chafee is obviously a well known figure there - and I think the polls have been sort of trending back in Chafee's way as of late - so this one I think is going to be close. 

Caprio - unhappy with the lack of endorsement - said on Sunday night - that the President "Can take his endorsement and really shove it."

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.