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Don't ask, Don't tell... has been ALL THE BUZZ TODAY.

A federal appeals court ruling to keep the policy in place - for now.

The policy - says homosexuals MAY serve in the military - but only if they keep their sexual orientation a secret.

Fox News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl - spent her morning criss-crossing the country speaking to many of our Fox Stations...

"The 9th Circuit reversed what the lower circuit said - and said that - you know - while we're figuring out what to do with Don't Ask, Don't Tell - we're going to enforce the policy and give the administration some time to figure out what to do."

That was Wiehl speaking with Charlie at WOAI in San Antonio.

Government Lawyers wanted to suspend the ruling while appeals were pending...

President Obama supports repealing the policy ONLY after careful review and an act of Congress...

"You know it's interesting that we hear from the soldiers that have reenlisted after being discharged. Just this morning -  Aubrey Sarvis - with the Service Members Legal Defense Fund said that it's up to Congress to put a final end to this Don't Ask, Don't Tell controversy because right now gay and lesbian service members are at risk - and should not come out - he says it's not safe for them to do so with the current legal situation."

Fox's Jared Halpern - speaking with JP and John at KTRH.

For now - it stays in effect. We'll see what a higher court decides to do, as this case makes its way up the judicial ladder.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.