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The Ugly Meter.

That's right - a meter - that actually rates your ugliness.

The new "app"  -- made available to iPhone users.

Dr. Ginny Klein is a New Jersey Based Psychotherapist - who spent some time this morning with Charlie at WOAI - this morning:

Charlie: "Dr Klein - apparently kids already using this for Cyber Bullying - is this a good idea / bad idea to even have floating around at all?"

Dr. Klein: "I think it's a really bad idea - Charlie - because kids who like to dump their own fears about not being good looking enough onto someone else - so now they have a little scale they think they can prove it to some poor kid who will take it personally and feel hurt."

The application - available for 99 cents - allows users to scan a snapshot and then submits a score of 1 to 10 based on facial symmetry.

The creators say they're just having fun - and meant no foul in the applications creation... while critics fear - that  if put into the wrong hands - can be a very malicious tool to aid in the ever growing world of cyber bullying.

The buzz goes on ...

MIDTERM Election day.

Less than 2 weeks away.

"There's some polling data out there that says you can have upwards of 100 seats change hands - I'm not sure that's going to happen - but there's going to be significant change. But that's in the House. The senate is a very different animal - and quite frankly - the races are just too close to call - we have a 3 point margin of error. And look - most of the races we're watching fall within that percentage. So who knows what's going on happen on Election Day when it comes to the Senate."

Fox's Todd Starnes spending some time with the folks at KERN radio in Bakersfield, CA.

Will we see a flip of power in the House and the Senate?

...we'll have to see if big change is in the wind - on November 2nd.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.