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Your twoppic of the moment is privacy.  FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes reports Facebook found to be sharing information---even from users with the most stringent privacy settings... This comes as Google is found to be violating a Canadian privacy law while mapping their popular Street Views feature.

Just two weeks until Election Night...  Your hot twoppic of the day is early voting.  By next week, residents in nearly every state that allows early voting will be able to cast their ballots in this mid-term election.  @Uniquelamwhtlam tweets "Vote vote vote! Please just vote! Whatever you're voting for, just vote!"  Thirty-six states allow some form of early voting, whether it be by mail or in person.

Your top twoppic... He played the father of "Happy Days'" Richie Cunningham...  Actor Tom Bosley has died.  Bosley won a Tony Award for his work on "Fiorello!" before making his mark on TV with "Happy Days" and "Murder, She Wrote."  He returned to Broadway in the 1990's, originating the role of Maurice in the stage adaption of "Beauty and the Beast." Tom Bosley was 83.

I'm @ChrisHoenigFNR and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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