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A familiar Sunday sound gone silent this weekend...  Your twoppic of the moment is FOX, after FOX News parent-company News Corp. pulled programming from another provider over a fee dispute.  Cablevision and it's 3-million mostly-New York area viewers missed Sunday's Giants-Lions NFL match-up, as well as both of the first 2 games of the NLCS in Philly over the weekend.  They join DISH Network customers, who have been without FOX Sports regional networks for two weeks. @FTrainRyder tweets "Cablevision suffering from FOX blackout but the real losers are subscribers."  14 million DISH customers could lose local FOX programming, including shows such as "House" and "Glee," when that contract expires November 1st.

Your twoppic of the day is AIDS Walk.  Celebrities were among the 30-thousand-plus turning out in L.A. Sunday, raising nearly $3 million for more than 20 AIDS-related charities.  "Price is Right" host Drew Carey took part, then took to his twitter, @DrewFromTV, where he says "Thank you to everyone who pledged $$$.  You made a difference today!"  The annual walk-a-thons are held in nearly 100 cities across the country.

Your top twoppic is Colt McCoy.  College football's winningest QB completed 23 of 33 passes, with a touchdown and 2 interceptions in his pro debut for the Cleveland Browns.  Some fans are encouraged despite the Browns 28-10 loss to the Steelers... @Diverseman2020 tweets "Cleveland's greatest hope at QB is Colt McCoy."  Others aren't so sure...@SloppyJo2916 says "I thought we all agreed he'd fade into obscurity by being drafted by the Browns."

I'm @ChrisHoenigFNR and those are your hot @Twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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