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The healthcare fight rages on.

The latest - a Florida Federal judge - rejecting a request from the US Department of Justice - to dismiss a lawsuit - challenging the Federal Governments new healthcare law - brought by some 20 states.

The Judge - allowing 2 of the 6 counts - to move forward.

One of the counts:

"The Supreme Court usually decides these things under the commerce clause. And the commerce clause usually says if there's activity that effect's interstate commerce - people have to comply. Here - this particular mandate doesn't have to do with not activity - but inactivity... don't we have the right not to buy health insurance? That hasn't been decided by the Supreme Court"

That was Leonard Birdsong - Law Professor at Barry University School of Law and Former Federal Prosecutor speaking with Chris at KTLK in Minneapolis.

The second - having to do with the laws effect on medicade.

Opening arguments are expected to begin in Mid December.

From Healthcare we buzz on to taxes...

Non-Profit groups across the country holding their breath...

"There are some new regulatory requirements - and if these non-profits - both small and large alike - fail to file - they can lose their non-profit status and ultimately be taxed. If that happens - it will ultimately cost the tax payer a great deal of money."

Federal Tax Practitioner David Selig - speaking with Joe at WSYR in Syracuse.

The organizations could be stripped of their tax except status - because of filing rules that changed 3 years ago - but filers are still unaware of the change - and are being caught in the mess.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.