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Warning! Warning!

Your twoppic of the moment is South Park.  The Comedy Central program mocking MTV's "Jersey Shore" in Wednesday night's episode...  "Glee" actor @Mark_Salling calls the episode "epic."

Your twoppic of the day...soon-to-be-former San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman.  The '05 1st-rounder has been fighting off-the-field legal issues and on-the-field he's on the Injured-Reserve List, meaning the Chargers must release him when he's healthy.  The Twitter-verse is alive with football fans calling for the linebacker known as "Lights Out" to end up on their team. @Javieeeeeeee wants to see him on the Redskins, @JWinterhalter would like to see him in a Bills uniform, while @MoeKhan19 thinks he'll get a look from the Redskins, 49ers or Patriots.

She's grabbed headlines since winning her primary and he's now the surprise leader in the race for Delaware's open Senate seat.  Your hot twoppic of the week is Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons.  The pair went toe-to-toe in a Wednesday night debate...

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