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It's the survival story gripping the world... Your hot twoppic of the moment is the rescue of 33 Chilean miners.  The operation is pulling each of the men out in a 2-foot diameter steel capsule.  FOX News Radio's David Noto, who's at the mine, says most are being greeted by family members... The miners have spent 69 days trapped nearly a half-mile underground, which is the longest anyone's ever been known to survive this type of ordeal.  The group survived on 2 days worth of food for more than 2 weeks before it was even discovered they were alive.

High school sophomores and juniors, sharpening their Number 2 pencils...your hot twoppic of the day is the P-SAT.  The standardized test is used to determine whether a student is eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program and help prepare for the real-deal S-A-Ts they'll be using on college applications.

Your hot twoppic of the week... Paranormal Activity 2, which is set to open in theatres next week.  Some are excited for it: @THeighteen tweets: I cannot wait for Paranormal Activity 2!!! Others, though...@smiling_tiffany tweets: don't see the point of Paranormal Activity now that I know it wasn't real! They shouldn't have said so!

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