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One by one - thirty three miners are on their way to breathing fresh air - for the first time in sixty nine days.

Since - August - the 33 men have been trapped in a Chilean Mine.

The first of the miners emerged just a little before midnight last night.

Fox's Dave Noto - on the ground there:

"When you see these rescues in person - it's incredible. It's a very emotional, exciting scene -- People crying, people cheering when they see these miners come out. That first miner - when he came out - got right in the capsule - came up - it was supposed to take about 20 minutes for him to come up - he came out in about half that time - once he got out of that capsule - people cheering, people screaming - the family members here realizing  that their dream is coming true."

Could the mine collapse have been avoided?

"Well - at that particular mine - one of the problems were the Government agency that controls mining allowed that company to go ahead and start mining before the mine was ready - the escape ways that were supposed to be put in were not before they started mining."

Certified Mine Safety Professional Bruce Dial - speaking with Jim & Gary at WSBA in York PA

As for the men - how difficult will it be for them to readjust to "normal life" for them after this extended duration spent trapped underground?

"The cracks aren't going to show yet - but as the spotlight fades a little bit - they are going to come up with some psychiatric problems - and these will depend upon who they were before they went into the mine."

That was Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman - speaking with Chris at KTLK in Minneapolis.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.