I live in California.

We're broke. Every which way you look at it, we are BROKE.

There are many other states that are hemorrhaging, too. But I can't image any state being quite as idiotic as California and the fools we call the Powers That Be.

California is selling off 24 government buildings to make a fast $2.3 billion for the cash strapped state.

Only problem is the politicians aren't looking at the long term ramifications as they fixate on the short term, instant gratification.

Independent groups found that the sales might bring in quick cash, but the outlook for the tax payers over the decades could be grim.

But who cares, right?? Re-election is all that counts. Not 30 years down the road!! Most of the people will be too old or even dead by then for the politicians to be worried about the damage done!

The truth is that most of these buildings are extravagant palaces that should NEVER have been purchased in the first place. I was in a state building recently and was DISGUSTED at the marble and the statues and the high ceilings and the molding and the glitz. It was RIDICULOUS. And MADDENING to realize my state is too broke to fix a pothole but has plenty of money so elitist politicians and other government workers can go to work in posh, Trump-like monuments.

It's the SPENDING, California! It's the endless spending! It's the handouts to all! Many hands grabbing the money aren't even legally here to begin with.

And so it goes.

Is it November YET??