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The latest question facing the Supreme Court - Should a father of a dead Marine win his lawsuit against a fundamentalist church group that picketed his son's funeral?

What will be the lynch pin in the case? DC Based Attorney Seth Berenzweig  - in speaking with Fox Affiliate WBUV - thinks it's statements the church made about Lance Corporal Snyder's parents - on it's website:

"That website communication obviously went out to the whole world. And it wasn't just political expression. It personally attacked the mother and father of this fallen soldier. Personal attacks are not public discourse and therefore I believe that the Supreme Court is going to conclude that it's not protected by the first amendment. And I think you've identified a very important part of the case that will demonstrate why Mr. Snyder will probably win this case ultimately."

The father is asking the court to reinstate a 5 million dollar verdict against the Westboro Baptist church members who held signs outside the funeral of his son - Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder - including ones that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers", "You're Going To Hell", and "God Hates the USA".

Buzzing right along...

And the rumor mill is buzzing with talk of a possible 2012 Vice Presidential Swap out - Hillary Clinton for Joe Biden?

"It certainly would be a very smart move by Obama. Because putting her on the ticket would get a lot of voters to take a second look at Obama for a second term as President. She's enormously popular with  a lot of the voters that he will need to get a second term - like independents, moderates, blue collar workers and a lot of union members - just to name a few."

That was Fox News Political Analyst and Democratic Strategist Mary Anne Marsh - speaking with Tony at WHAS.

What about the other side of the aisle - what do republicans think?

"I think it was spread by a lot of Clinton supporters - who now serve within the Obama administration - who see that this President has really been a failure to them as much as he has to the republicans and independents."

Former Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush, Brad Blakeman  talking to Chris at KCMO in Kansas City.

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