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Hot twoppipc of the moment is a big trade in the NFL. Wide receiver Randy Moss is going back to the Minnesota Vikings, traded from the Patriots in exchange for a 3rd round draft pick.  Moss was in his 4th year for the Patriots - now he will be a downfield target for Brett Farve.

Glee fans made your hot twoppic of the day -- Grilled Cheesus, after a religious experience with a grilled cheese sandwich by Finn on last night's spiritual episode of Glee.  On Wednesday the cast of Glee will pass the Beatles for most appearances among non-solo acts in the Billboard chart's 52-year history. The  Glee cast will up their sum to 75 Hot 100 chart entries, surpassing the Beatles' 71. To add some perspective, The Beatles racked up their 71 songs from 1964 to1996.  Glee surpassed their record in one year, four months and two weeks.

Hot twoppic of the week is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. On Wednesday Facebook announced some new tools which will change the way users share information. A new tool called Download Your Information is designed to let users download everything they have ever posted to the site, like photos, status updates and wall posts. But the biggest news of the day: Facebook will soon enable users to post comments that only some of their friends can see. So if you were partying too hard to go to work the next day, your friends can still laugh at the tagged photos without you getting fired.

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