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Keep your head down... and your eyes open.... A warning to Americans travelling in Western Europe. The advisory issued by the State Department - and from coast to coast - it's all the buzz has been about this morning.

Fox's Alastair Wanklyn reporting from London.

"Americans told to be alert here. There's little anyone can do in practical terms - because of course - if you're on vacation in Europe or you're living here - you're going to have to take trains and busses and have to go to crowded places like museums - and that's the sort of place a terrorist might try to attack. But at least the state department is warning people be vigilant. And Governments here as well - in Europe - are saying it's a real threat. People do need to watch out."

That was Wanklyn speaking with Vic at WRPW in Normal, IL.

But... If you have European travel plans in the works - Dr. David McIntyre - VP of Homeland Security at the National Graduate School - says no need to change plans - though he does recommend:

"The most important thing you can probably do overseas - number one - stay alert - loud noises -anything odd - that's the wrong place to be. And secondly - there's no reason to advertise that you're American - I wouldn't wear a flag patch - I'd just try to blend right in with everybody else."

That was McIntyre speaking with Fox Radio affiliate WPLZ in Chattanooga, TN.

Fox's Todd Starnes spent some time talking with KERN Radio in Bakersfield, CA.

"One of the major concerns - not only here in this country - but quite frankly across the world - is this idea of these teams of terrorists - wandering around with semi automatic weapons - and basically - you know - opening up fire on street corners. That kind of stuff is pretty hard to prevent."

The US State Department issuing the advisory to alert Americans travelling overseas to take "common sense precautions" in case of trouble.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.