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"The information about the target location is vague. We don't know if it's a soft target. We don't know if it's a major hotel, restaurant, mall or some type of historical value. We just don't know. So that's why people really have to be careful when they're travelling in Europe until this gets resolved."

A loose warning about a possible terror plot - to attack Westerners in Europe.

That was Bob Strang - Former Special Agent with the DEA and CEO of Investigation Management group - speaking with the crew at WIND in Chicago.

It's believed that Senior Al Qaeda leaders - including Usama Bin Laden are behind the plot.

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Parting is such sweet sorrow.

White House Chief of Staff - Rahm Emanuel.

Saying good bye Friday - to his position within the Obama Administration.

"I think it's a big loss. Rahm Emanuel is a seasoned Washington veteran. He was a member of the House of Representatives and a vote counter in the leadership in the Democratic Party. He really knew how to get things done on Capitol Hill and the President was able to get a lot done in part - I think in large part - because of Rahm Emanuel."

Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum - speaking with WOAI in San Antonio.

Emanuel moving on from the Obama Administration to make a run for Mayor of Chicago.

Who will the President choose as his eventual replacement?

"Whoever he chooses to replace him permanently I think will be a person of great influence - and could well be an indication of how well or how badly the Obama administration does in it's second half of its first term."

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