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Hot twoppic of the moment is AOL, after the company acquired tech newsblog, TechCrunch which  includes the blog Engadget. The move is another step in AOL's plan to become a hub for online news. Rumors put the price tag of TechCrunch at more than $25 million.

Its gotta feel good when you turn 10 years old, and you're the number 2 trending topic in the entire world. Frankie Jonas then fourth an much younger Jonas brother has his birthday on Tuesday...his bros @Jonasbrothers tweeted Happy Birthday to the coolest little bro in the world - the Bonus Jonas! We love you Frankie!! He starred with his bros on the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, and he will have no problem telling you which of his brothers he like the best...Frankie told, "It kind of goes Nick, Joe and Kevin."

Hot twoppic of the week is earthquake fever in Los Angeles ...literally. As the temperatures reach record levels, people are getting seriously nervous for an earthquake, after a few earthquake warnings for Southern California took over twitter, as accounts like @Quakepredicition predicted a  magnitude 7 quake for September 30th. But everyone should relax...there is no way to really scientifically predict earthquakes.

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